"The flavor is quite indescribably delicious. There is nothing to mar the perfection of this fruit."

David Fairchild, a 19th and 20th century food explorer for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Source: National Geographic, 2006.

purple mangosteen is a unique tropical superfruit originating from south east asia

Mangosteen really is that delicious. With tropical flavors of passion fruit, peaches and a hint of strawberry, it’s a beautifully refreshing and healthy beverage.


They only grow in tropical climates and rarely even produce one piece of fruit before they’re ten years old. We work with a select number of handpicked farmers to sustainably source our mangosteen and support the local communities.

the health benefits of mangosteen are well documented

A search of available literature using mangosteen and xanthones as terms in Pubmed, Science Direct, Google Scholar, and Scirus, retrieved 158 reports in the period of 1980–2008. In contrast, there have been 454 published articles from 2008 through March 2013. We couldn’t possibly substantiate all the claims made, but with over 380 professional journal articles being published in recent years, mangosteen has been researched for anti-oxidant[1], anti-tumoral[2], anti-allergic[3], anti-inflammatory[4] anti-bacterial[5], antifungal[6], and anti-obesity properties [7]. Bali Juices doesn’t endorse all claims but the research has been done. 

never heard of mangosteen?

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